Dinner Specials Saturday, August 4th

Dinner Specials Saturday, August 4th


Cucumber Gazpacho with Crab 

Roasted Celeray with Broccoli and Short Rib


Grilled Peach Crustini 

Grilled peaches, burata cheese, balsamic glaze on top of a garlic crustini



Grilled Bronzino mussels, clams, shrimp,  simmered in a lemon white wine sauce with diced zucchini, and onion all over linguni.

Beef Duo

8oz grilled fillet, 4oz slow roasted beef short rib, red wine demiglaze over a porcini risotto and sautéed broccli rabe.

Grilled Bronzino Bruschetta 

Over risotto and sautéed spinach

Don’t forget Family Dinner for 4 to go!

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